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Boost Protein Structure Prediction in AlphaFold2 with Cloud HPC

AlphaFold2 is a groundbreaking AI software developed by DeepMind, Inc. On November 30, 2020, the software predicted most protein structures in the protein structure prediction competition CASP 14 that were only one atom's width away from the real structure, reaching the level of predictions observed by humans using sophisticated instruments such as cryo-electron microscopy, which is an unprecedented and tremendous progress in protein structure prediction.

boost protein structure prediction in AlphaFold2 with AWS, Google Cloud, Azure high performance computing

The source code of AlphaFold2 is now publicly available on GitHub. Many scientists are now using AlphaFold2 to make high-throughput predictions on existing protein databases, building a database of AlphaFold2 predicted structures for all proteins of some model organism species. (