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Fastest Cloud Storage System in the World! Cloudam BurstFS Wins First Place in IO-500

Beating massive supercomputing & cloud HPC services, Cloudam brings huge breakthroughs in the cloud-based storage system, leveraging best-in-class cloud HPC services with OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) to its beloved clients.

Dallas, TX - November 16, 2022 - Cloudam BurstFS became the world's fastest public cloud-based storage system in the IO-500 Challenge, a new edition of the International IO500 ranking released at The International Conference of High Performance Computing (SC22), which ranked 7th in the Top 10 of high-performance computing including local supercomputers.

The list is evaluated against the IO-500 benchmark, which measures storage systems by the read/write bandwidth for large files and the read/write/list performance for small files. These performances are key factors affecting the efficiency of large-scale simulations, big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) computing, and are important metrics for evaluating HPC platforms.

The Fastest Cloud Storage System

Cloudam BurstFS file system running on OCI set a new IO-500 public cloud-based storage system benchmark test record with a total score of 3033.03, 323% higher than the previous record set by WekaIO on AWS at SC19, and 485% higher than Oracle Cloud with WEKA on RDMA which is also based on OCI. Moreover, BurstFS uses only 64 nodes, while the other two use 345 and 373 nodes respectively. And BurstFS scores 17x and 28x more per node than the latter two. The overall ranking shows that Cloudam BurstFS dominates the cloud-based storage system in the industry, and is better than most local supercomputing clusters.

What is BurstFS

BurstFS, as a built-for-the-cloud high-performance parallel file system, provides the highest bandwidth and lowest latency performance for HPC clusters using GPUs or CPUs on any public cloud with support for RoCE/InfiniBand/Ethernet. It also can automate integration with object storage of cloud vendors. The cloud-based storage which meets the standard of POSIX file system leverages innovative and highly optimized software stacks such as OS BYPASS, RDMA communication, and massively distributed metadata technologies. It is built for enterprise-level Cloud-HPC and synchronized with object storage for ultimate price/performance ratio and supports workload-based functions, such as sharding, pre-reading, caching, encryption, authentication and backup, and so on.

"The results of the IO-500 benchmark test confirm our leading position of technology in the CLOUD-HPC market. BurstFS is an advanced file system that aims to deliver the ultimate performance for any size, any IO model of computing," said Qing-Song Li, CTO and co-founder of Cloudam." The storage system will be integrated into Cloudam's Cloud-HPC platform very soon to provide superior performance and more professional services for data-intensive enterprise users like biomedicals, pharmaceuticals, AI, etc."

(To see the official ranking of all companies on the SC22 IO-500 list, please go to:

About Cloudam

Cloudam HPC is a one-stop HPC platform with 300+ pre-installed to deploy immediately. The system can smartly schedule compute nodes and dynamically schedule the software licenses, optimizing workflow and boosting efficiency for engineers and researchers in Life Sciences, AI/ML, CAE/CFD Simulations, Universities/Colleges, etc.

Partnered with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, etc., Cloudam powers your R&D with massive cloud resources without queuing.

You can submit jobs by intuitive templates, SLURM, and Windows/Linux workstations. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can always find it handy to run and manage your job.

There is a $30 Free Trial for every new user. Why not register and boost your R&D NOW?

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