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Using Disco Diffusion to AI-Generate an Image with Cloud HPC, Faster than Ever

Currently, there are many AI platforms available on the market for users with AI

computing services, among which Google Colab is the most well-known one. However, due to some limitations, it still cannot meet the regular training needs of AI

fans and researchers. For example, the longest running time for Google Colab is 12 hours, even for the Pro edition, the running time can only last 24 hours. Also, the tasks are run on GPUs like K80, P100, T4, etc.

using disco diffusion to ai-generate an image with cloud hpc aws google  cloud azure

As it is widely known, AI training takes a tremendously long time, which highly relies on the performance of the GPUs. AlphaFold2 which is developed by Google DeepMind requires A100 to run tasks.

Cloudam HPC provides users with cost-effective cloud-HPC services for AI/ML, on which users can submit jobs as they prefer. You can submit jobs with command line, or by using Jupyter Notebook/Jupyter Lab to deploy your codes and check data.

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