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Cloudam is committed to your data security. We take a variety of security measures to ensure your data security when using our platform, including scenarios such as data transmission/data calculation that occur in your daily use. Operational security and data privacy protection.

Your Data Security is Our Priority 

Monitor & Audit

  • Carry out security monitoring and auditing for each stage of the data life cycle

  • Active defense against malicious access

  • Enable MFA to control sensitive operation for users in the group

Authentication & Authorizatio

  • Role-based access control facilitates administration of security in organization

  • Password strength policy, password rotation, MFA, SSO, IP whitelist and other security measures can be enabled and combined to raise your security posture

  • Manage permissions for access, editing, upload, download and sharing

Computing Security

  • Encryption in transit with high-grade SSL and at rest with 256-bit AES

  • Simulations always run in private, closed clusters with kernel-encrypted hard drives

  • Encryption keys are securely stored in separate locations

Key Management Services

  • Cloudam KMS lets you create, manage and control cryptographic keys across your HPC clusters

  • Perform signing operations using asymmetric key pairs to validate digital signatures

Wanna know more about the security networks? Please contact us

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